04 junio 2013

Source code published

I have released the source code of the Zero programming system today.

Yes, I'm afraid that means this project is ended. I won't develop it anymore. This does not mean that it would not be possible to develop interesting tasks of polishing, improvement and new functionality. However, you have to say enough at some time, and actually the subject that motivated this software is not even active anymore.

And it should be noted that the software is good enough, i.e. it can be used for what it was initially designed (though it is true that the Prowl and J-- compiler could use a rewriting), and its inner workings can be perfectly shown.

Actually the source code contains a folder called prowlc, which is a true multiplatform compiler. Unfortunaltely, it is not complete, as it lacks decision and looping structures.

This has been an interesting story, in which I've learned a lot. I've learned it so well that I am perfectly sure I wouldn't had started this project if I knew (like today I know) the amount of work needed. I've also realised the problems related to multiplatform software: problems will arise there where you would not expect them to happen.

In the end, the important thing is that his software has accomplished its designed task. And probably, it will be useful for a few years still to come.